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Blast Into Bigger Fun With Coding for Kids

Looking for one of the hottest after-school programs around? You’ve got it with Coding for Kids, our innovative courses for elementary and middle-schoolers that teach computer programming skills through interactive and exciting projects. These fun classes are perfect for kids who have great imaginations, like figuring out how things work or simply love technology.

In Coding for Kids, your son or daughter will have a blast creating video games, animated stories and bringing their imaginations to life. You don’t even have to mention all the cool skills he or she is learning along the way: basic coding and programming, problem solving, logic, physics and more. (We’ll never tell!) It’s a great way to get kids psyched about learning cool STEM skills.

How Coding for Kids works :

Kids work with our advanced technology platform that’s intuitive and easy to use (no writing lines and lines of code here!) It’s a low stress setting in which your child works at his or her own pace with the support and encouragement of a teacher. Every class has a distinct objective and outcome, so your future computer whiz will work toward a goal and feel a great sense of accomplishment!

During each session, your son or daughter:

Learns how to create characters

animations, sounds and special effects using our intuitive, kid-friendly Tynker™ technology.


mini-stories and builds the skills to design a final video game that he or she can play with friends.

Experiments and troubleshoots

on his or her programming project, developing important problem solving, logic and computational skills.


with other kids to challenge and learn from each other — making friends along the way.

At the end of each coding class, your child enjoys a wrap-up activity to reinforce the skills he or she learned that day. Plus, you also get a link to the projects completed by your child, so you can see and share his or her amazing work with friends and family! Coding for Kid is a great way to build life-long impact with 21st century skills in a fun, cool way!

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Get Your Child Psyched About STEM

Looking for an after-school activity your child will love? A new experience that will spark your child’s interest in STEMbuild skills for the future and be a ton of fun? Don’t miss the Robotics and Science programs at Sylvan!

Your son or daughter will have a blast exploring real-world challenges using robotics to investigate possible solutions. Our Robotics and Science programs offer fun, hands-on experiences that get the kids excited about the world around them. Get ready to inspire an early love for STEM!

With our Robotics and Science programs, your child will:

Enjoy exciting projects that use 21st century skills

Each session, there’s a new challenge to solve, a new experiment to conduct and a new robot to build. Our projects encourage problem solving and collaboration — skills that will give your child an edge in school and careers.

Build confidence with STEM

Your child can expect a small class size and personal attention. We’ve intentionally created a supportive learning environment that encourages creativity, exploration and hands-on problem solving.

Explore essential science concepts

Our unique STEM curriculum aligns with Next Generation Science Standards, so what your child learns in our STEM classes will make an impact at school.

Get excited about STEM at a young age

Your child may explore topics ranging from the effects of friction on cars, to how electricity is conducted. We love finding topics that encourage curiosity and get your child psyched about STEM.

Have a blast with hands-on challenges

The kids are always challenged and having fun, whether they’re programming LEGO® models to follow commands or experimenting with everyday materials to solve real-world problems. And our teachers are right there to spark your child’s curiosity.

How our Robotics and Science programs work

Typically, scientists don’t work in isolation. They work in teams — collaborating and sharing ideas to investigate, create and test the best solutions.
Our young scientists do the same!
In each session of our Robotics and Science programs, the kids team up with partners to:

  • Explore a real-world science question — from physics to earth sciences — in a highly collaborative and creative space.
  • Put on their detective hats to develop hypotheses and prove them out.
  • Design, build and program robots or other creations to investigate a solution. (Great for hands-on learners!)
  • Experiment and problem solve, continually improving their creations. They’ll work just like real scientists and engineers do.
  • Wrap up with a fun project summary. It reinforces the skills and concepts they’ve learned. Plus, it’s a great tool to continue the STEM discussion at home. Meanwhile, you’re kept in the loop the whole time. You can expect regular emails from us, so you can learn about your child’s progress and the cool concepts from class.
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Let Your Child’s Imagination Soar

Race cars and bridges don’t build themselves. They need dreamers. Problem solvers. Tinkers … In other words, engineers! And that’s why we created Engineering. At Sylvan Learning, we want to help your child discover the amazing world of engineering.

In Engineering, your child will take on fun, hands-on challenges, such as building simple machines or designing amazing bridges. Every session has a creative theme to inspire the kids as they experiment with important STEM concepts.

Whether you’ve got a future engineer, architect or mechanic in your midst, we offer several engineering programs for elementary and middle school-aged students to get young minds racing!

How Engineering classes at Sylvan Learning work:

Every minute is packed with fun!

Your child and a buddy will work on a new project in each class — either building a cool machine with LEGO® bricks or constructing one of the world’s seven bridge types with K’NEX® pieces. Using both their hands and their minds, the kids will investigate important science, engineering and architectural concepts.en

Best of all, your child will think like a real engineer: building a machine or structure, testing it, taking it apart, and then redesigning it to come up with a better solution.

The kids get so involved in their projects they don’t even realize they’re learning essential STEM and problem-solving skills.

At the end of each engineering class, your child will complete a wrap-up activity to reinforce the concepts he or she learned. You’re welcome to use it to continue the STEM conversation at home. Don’t be surprised if you hear all about the machines or bridges during the car ride home. These projects are cool!

A few reasons your child (and you!) will love Engineering:

Innovative STEM curriculum

Your child will learn STEM vocabulary words and important skills for success — all while having a blast.

Creative exercises

In Engineering, your child will solve problems like a real engineer: designing, testing and redesigning. Our projects encourage teamwork, critical thinking skills and an early love for STEM.

Fun, hands-on activities

We’ll engage your child’s hands and mind. (We love educational screen time, but these courses are all about unplugging!)


There’s something special about solving problems and experimenting on projects with new friends. Plus, the kids learn how to work together and communicate with each other.