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Enrich your child’s education with personalized homeschool support

If you’re like many of our homeschool families, you’re continually looking for ways to enrich your child’s education — from finding supplemental curriculum, to giving your child new learning experiences.

YES! We do this! Team up with your local Sylvan for in-person or online homeschool support. It’s a great way to:

  • Supplement your child’s learning with highly-individualized programs
  • Nurture your child’s talents and confidence
  • Introduce your child to new learning experiences
  • Share the weight of providing a high-quality education (you aren’t in this alone!)

When you turn to Sylvan for homeschool support, your child will:

Strengthen specific skills and explore new interests

You can easily choose tutoring programs that round out any gaps in your curriculum or encourage your child’s interests. If it’s been a few years since you’ve tackled quadratic equations or dangling modifiers, we’ve got you covered. We’re happy to help with subjects that may be rusty for you.

Feel at ease, learning in a way that suits your child best

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all learning! We’ll teach to your child’s exact skill level and pace, so your child never feels rushed or bored.

Get introduced to new learning experiences

You can share new experiences with your child, such as our hands-on classes in STEM or our proven classes in algebra. There’s no need to waste time and energy developing this curriculum on your own.

Enjoy a sense of community

Your child will enjoy interaction and camaraderie with other children in a supportive, small group environment. Of course, we are following all mandated safety standards, so children can get socialization, in a safe environment.

Prepare for college ahead

Working with a Sylvan tutor can help your student get ready for college, such as what it’s like to learn from college professors.

How our homeschool support works

You can expect a highly personalized experience.

We tailor our homeschool support to your family’s unique needs. We get to know your child and your priorities. That way, we can create a personal education plan that complements what you’re teaching at home.

In many cases, we’ll start with our one-of-a-kind Sylvan Insight Assessment. You’ll get answers to questions that may have been on your mind, such as:

  • Are my child’s skills on track with his or her grade level?
  • Where does my child need a little extra attention or practice?
  • How can I help my child be even more successful?

These are insights that can help both of us be even more effective.